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Policy regarding presence on the Twitter social network

Policy regarding the presence of the head of the Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research (EAER) on the Twitter social network

The EAER Information Service is responsible for the head of department’s presence on Twitter. If you choose to follow the head of department on Twitter, you will receive Tweets with the following content:

  • Events
  • Links to speeches, press releases or interviews given by the head of department
  • Notice of new content on the EAER website

The head of the EAER mainly uses Twitter as a tool to disseminate information to people interested exclusively in his activities as head of the EAER.

The EAER and the Federal Council may not be held liable for the content of any message (tweet) posted on this Twitter account.

The head of the EAER is not obliged to follow or respond to questions or enquiries sent via Twitter.

All enquiries or messages for the head of department should be addressed to

The federal councillor may occasionally post personal messages; these are signed ‘JSA’.

Continuity of service
Occasionally Twitter’s services may be unavailable. The head of the EAER cannot be held liable for service interruptions.

Anyone submitting offensive tweets will have their account blocked and Twitter will be notified.

Last modification 04.05.2016

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