Education is an investment in the future

Education opens doors. Everyone has the opportunity to start out with a solid education and hone their talents over time.

Switzerland has a broadly based and well-developed education system at all levels. Investment in education is worthwhile for individuals as well as for society and the economy. Many people therefore take advantage of the available courses and opportunities for continuing education and training.

Education helps to ensure that businesses are able to draw on a good supply of skilled workers and leaders. Education is also one of the reasons why Switzerland has enjoys a low overall level of unemployment and youth unemployment. However, demographic changes and a shortage of skilled workers mean that Switzerland faces major challenges, which can only be addressed by continuing to focus high standards of education and training.

Achieving a good level of education is not just the task of the state. Everyone has to assume responsibility and nurture the education system. This joint responsibility is especially evident in the field of vocational and professional education and training, where businesses play a significant role in education and training.


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