Research is a priority policy of the Federal Council

Education, research and innovation are vital to Switzerland’s economic and social development.

Research, along with education, plays a decisive role when it come to generating, disseminating and applying knowledge. The innovation that emerges as a result forms the basis for Switzerland’s economic, social and cultural development.

Encouraging research is one of the Federal Council’s priority policies. This policy of encouragement in education, research and innovation (ERI) is implemented in close conjunction with the cantons and is an acknowledgement of the fact that Switzerland will only able to retain and consolidate its leading place in terms of global competitiveness by establishing an outstanding knowledge society.

Society, the economy and science are dependent on one another and enrich one another. Encouraging education, research and innovation is therefore vital to Switzerland’s prosperity, its social cohesion, sustainable development and appeal as a business location. The State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI is responsible for implementing government policy in this area.

Last modification 22.04.2016

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