An economic policy geared towards jobs, prosperity and social security

When it comes to the economy, Switzerland is a highly successful country. It has a high standard of living and low unemployment – thanks to its economic policy, which provides an optimal framework.

Switzerland’s economy is one of the most competitive and successful in the world. Its innovative, high-quality products and services are in global demand. This is reflected in the very low level of unemployment and outstanding employment-to-population ratio.

Its strong economic performance creates prosperity, social security, ensures people have good prospects and contributes significantly to social stability.

The Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research follows an economic policy that creates an optimal framework for companies in Switzerland – from SMEs to international corporations, and across all economic sectors. The high value of the Swiss franc has made pursuing this policy even more important, as this presents a major challenge for companies and their employees.

A liberal labour market and strong social partnerships are key factors for success. The two combined create an attractive investment and work environment, while also ensuring industrial harmony. Improving access to existing markets and entering new ones is another crucial aspect. Securing bilateral relations with the EU and expanding the free trade network are central to achieving this.


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