Free trade

Switzerland needs access to international markets, which is why free trade agreements are essential to strengthen Switzerland’s competitiveness as a location for business.

Today, in addition to the EFTA Convention and the Free Trade Agreement with the EU, Switzerland has 28 free trade agreements with 38 partners outside the EU. These agreements serve to improve the conditions for economic relations with economically important partners.

One of the most recent and important agreements is that with China, the third largest market for Swiss industrial products, and one of Switzerland’s key foreign economic partners.

The network of free trade agreements continually needs to be developed. The most recent examples are the agreements concluded with India, Thailand and Indonesia. Negotiations are currently under way on a further nine free trade agreements.

Switzerland's foreign economic policy is based on the framework provided by the WTO, which is therefore its most important partner in terms of free trade. The World Trade Organization provides the foundation for cross-border trade relations between states at a global level. It manages and monitors a total of around 30 multilateral agreements aimed at the progressive liberalisation of international trade.

Last modification 25.02.2019

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