Digitalisation as an opportunity to create jobs and prosperity

Digitalisation is rapidly changing many areas of our lives – especially in the economy, education and research. The EAER wants to help establish the right framework for Switzerland to make the most of these opportunities.

The digital transformation is changing products, services and processes. It is revolutionising entire industries. New professions are emerging, while some occupations are disappearing. Technology has already reshaped our world over the past decades. Switzerland has seized the opportunities of this structural change: 800,000 new jobs have been created in the past 25 years, and employment and prosperity are very high in international comparison.

The Federal Council believes Switzerland can continue to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. With its exceptional dual education system and an excellent research environment, as well as a strong, innovative and diversified economy, the country is well placed to achieve this.

In order for companies and their employees, start-ups and researchers to reap the benefits of digitalisation, policymakers need to create an optimum framework ‒ with sufficient freedom, smart rules where needed and an open culture. This will strengthen Switzerland's position as a business location, create prospects and secure jobs and prosperity.

But digitalisation is also a huge challenge – and one which faces society, the economy and public administration in equal measure. Also, the rapid pace of change is a source of concern for many people. The Federal Council takes these concerns seriously and has shaped its policy in such a way that the entire population can benefit from the new opportunities, e.g. with a stronger focus on continuing education.

The Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research is responsible for the core areas of digitalisation. Read about our work in the dossiers linked to this page.

Last modification 27.12.2021

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