National Economic Supply – planning for times of crisis

A highly developed economy and society cannot function without food, fuel and medicines. Working together with the private sector, the EAER ensures that a supply of basic necessities is guaranteed at all times, even in times of crisis.

National economic supply ensures the availability of goods and services essential to the functioning of a modern economy and society. This also includes energy, communications and logistics. In the event of any supply shortages, it takes specific actions in the market to cover any shortfalls that may arise.

The following basic principles apply:

The market economy is primarily responsible for supplying the country with goods and services. Only when the economy is unable to fulfil this role does the state intervene.


The system of national economic supply is based on cooperation between the private sector and the state. This means that the expertise and existing structures of the private sector can be harnessed to fulfil state tasks in a crisis situation.

In the organisation of national economic supply, representatives from all the main business sectors have taken on management responsibility on a voluntary basis. The strength of this organisation lies in the networking of these executives from a wide variety of sectors of the Swiss economy. They combine a wealth of specialised knowledge and experience, which is invaluable for securing supplies in our country's interest. In a global economy, such networking of expertise is essential if we are to fulfil our mandate in a professional manner.

Last modification 27.12.2021

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