Productive and sustainable agriculture

The federal government monitors developments in Swiss agriculture and adapts its policy to take account of society's changing expectations.

The world's population is growing and the demand for food is rising. But there is a limited supply of important resources such as soil and water. At the same time, precious agricultural land is constantly being lost worldwide as a result of urban growth, soil erosion and environmental pollution. This poses major challenges for agriculture and food security ‒ for Switzerland too.

The federal government pursues an agricultural policy that contributes to productive and environmentally responsible farming in Switzerland. These policy measures help Swiss farmers respond to the needs of consumers and to society’s expectations by producing food in a manner that is competitive, environmentally friendly and socially responsible. The Federal Council has defined four priorities in this respect:

  • Ensure secure and competitive food production and supply

  • Use resources effectively and promote sustainable consumer patterns

  • Strengthen the vitality and attractiveness of rural areas

  • Promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the agriculture and food sector

Last modification 27.12.2021

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