Sound economic analyses for a successful economic policy

Switzerland is a very successful economy with a high standard of living and low unemployment. The Economic Policy Directorate of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) provides a scientifically sound basis for informing the Federal Council's economic policy decisions.

The Swiss economy is ranked as one of the most competitive and successful in the world. Its innovative, high-quality products and services are in global demand. This is reflected in the very low level of unemployment and an above-average employment-to-population ratio. The country's strong economic performance creates prosperity, offers good social protection and prospects, and contributes significantly to social stability.

The Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research pursues an economic policy that creates an optimum framework for companies in Switzerland – from SMEs to international corporations and across all business sectors. We base our decisions on the economic analyses conducted by SECO. The Economic Policy Directorate at SECO observes and commentates on the national and international economy. It calculates Switzerland's quarterly gross domestic product, surveys consumer sentiment and, together with experts from other federal agencies, produces the Confederation's economic forecasts four times a year. This information is of paramount importance for governing the country, particularly in times of crisis.

The Directorate identifies the need for economic policy actions and analyses the federal legislation of macroeconomic relevance. Its studies and forecasts provide evidence-based input for the Federal Council's key economic policy decisions. On this sound basis, proposed measures can be developed to raise the country's long-term economic growth potential.

Last modification 13.07.2023

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